AdGuard Premium Apk Download For Android [All Unlocked]

AdGuard Premium Apk Download For Android [All Unlocked]

I want to share with you my experience in installing one program, namely AdGuard.

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So! First, let’s start with what kind of program this is – AdGuard. AdGuard is a program that supposedly serves as an excellent protection-blocker against pop-up porn banners. Secondly, whenever you think about downloading any software, use the clever adage: “If you don’t know the ford, don’t stick your nose in the water!” Well, now – specifically about the problems that I encountered when installing this program. Unfortunately, at that time I did not have enough brains (why – I myself do not understand!) Go to the forum dedicated to this program and read reviews. In short, I just downloaded the program and installed it.

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Problems started immediately after starting the program – the system immediately “hung”! After scratching my unshaven “turnip”, I shrugged my shoulders and rebooted the computer … The system “hung” constantly as soon as I launched the AdGuard program. At first, I thought that the fault was in the incompatibility of software equipment, as a result of which there was a conflict of systems. However, after analyzing all installed programs, I came to the conclusion that there are simply no reasons for the conflict! And if so, then “hanging” is either a “joint” of developers, or the presence of a “Trojan”.

Having checked my “hardware” for a “trojan”, I did not find anything. It was all the more strange, because … Well, about this weirdness – a little below. Having restarted the computer ten times, I realized that there was nothing to catch with this program – what good would I ruin my computer! After removing this strange (to put it mildly) program, I decided that I should check the registry. And I checked … And now – about the strangeness. The regular CCleaner found a lot of broken circuits: from DLLs to fonts, files, and more!

After digging around for a couple of hours with the registry and mentally “thanks” to the developers of the extremely “necessary” AdGuard program, I was convinced that the one who said “Without wandering, don’t go into the water was right!” In general, friends! Downloading or not downloading, installing or not installing this program is purely your business! My business is to warn you! It was not for nothing that clever strategists said: “Forewarned is forearmed!” All the best to you, take care of yourself and your computer!

Thank You!!

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