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Action game AFK Arena takes place in a fantasy world Espers. Here, 4 great camps have been at war with each other since ancient times. Your goal is to recruit a group of heroes from all camps and try to save the world.

The tactics in AFK-Arena are pretty simple. First, you need to strategically position your characters correctly. The warriors who are in the front ranks repel the first attacks of the enemies. Behind them, already on the 2nd line, are archers and sorcerers. Your heroes will attack automatically. In this case, you can manually activate their super abilities. At first, your characters only activate one ability, but as the game progresses, you can acquire more and more of them.

In the game, you can recruit more than 100 different heroes. You will travel with them around the world of Esperia. Dungeons are generated randomly each time you enter them. Because of this, your trials will never be repeated twice. AFK-Arena is an excellent RPG game with a simplicity of the game system and excellent visual design. The game has excellent audio accompaniment, it has a large number of heroes, enemies and continuation of the plot.

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