Football ( English football from foot “foot” + ball “ball”) is a team sport in which the goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal with his feet or other parts of the body (except hands) more times than the opposing team. Currently the most popular and massive sport in the world [1] [2] [3] .
The player playing this game is the football player .See en: Names for association football for more details.
FIFA and the International Olympic Committee use “football” as the official international name for the game.
The full English name of the game, “association football” , was chosen after the creation of the English Football Association in 1863 to distinguish this.where hand-playing was allowed. Over time, the long names of game options began to shrink in everyday speech and print. First reduction «assoc.» Was spread out in England and then in the 1880s it was formed by the term “soccer” ( Engl. Soccer) by adding a reduction «-soc-» suffix «-er»in the Oxford manner (by analogy, rugby football was abbreviated as “ragger” ( English rugger)) [4] . In periodicals, the term “soker” has been used since at least 1892 [5] .
Nowadays, the name “sokker” is common in a number of English-speaking countries, where other varieties of football have historically continued to be popular. For example, Australia and New Zealand have historically called Australian football or rugby league football . In Ireland, the term “football” refers to Gaelic football , so “sokker” is used in the press [6] [7] . In South Africa, the game is mostly known as “Sokker”, which is expressed in the name of the South African Championship , which hosted the 2010 World Cup finals . ATThe United States and Canada use the term sokker, as American football and Canadian football are called football . In England, the name “sokker” is outdated and new generations of fans now consider it dismissive.
In other languages, the name of the game is:
or by borrowing the English word football , as in Russian – “football”, in Portuguese – futebol ;
or tracing the word football , such as in German – Fußball , Greek – ποδόσφαιρο , Finnish – jalkapallo , Hebrew – כדורגל , Karelian – jalgamiäččy and Adyghe – leepeeu ;
or derivatives of the words “kick”, “leg”, etc., as in Italian – calcio , Croatian – nogomet, Polish – piłka nożna (foot ball) .

Early varieties of football

Ball games have been played in many countries [8] . In China, this variety was called Zhu-Ke [9] . In ancient Sparta, the game was called “Episciros” [9] , and in ancient Rome, “Harpastum” [10] . Somewhere in the New Age , games were held in the Bryansk lands, the inventory of which was a leather ball the size of a human head, stuffed with feathers. These competitions were named as “huck” and “keel” [11] . Around the 14th century, Italians invented the game “Calcho” [12] . They brought this game to the British Isles [13] .

First rules

In the 19th century, football in England gained popularity comparable to cricket [14] . It was played mainly in colleges [15] . But in some colleges, the rules allowed the dribbling and passing of the ball by hand, while in others, on the contrary, it was forbidden [16] . The first attempt to create uniform rules was made in 1846, when representatives of several colleges met. They established the first set of rules [17] . In 1857, the first dedicated football club was founded – ” Sheffield[18] . In 1863, after long negotiations, a set of rules was adopted by the Football Association of England. The sizes of the field and the gate were also taken [19]. And in 1871 the FA Cup was founded  – the oldest football tournament in the world [20] . In 1891, the penalty rule was adopted . But at first the penalty kick was not from the point, but from the line, which, as now, was at a distance of 11 meters from the goal [21] .

In the 1880s, football became popular in society. The number of clubs in the Football Association exceeded 100. At the same time, rumors began to circulate that some clubs pay players wages, and according to the initial plan of the association, football is an exclusively amateur sport [22] . Therefore, in 1882, the following paragraph was added to the rules:

Any club player who receives any form of reward from the club or a monetary reimbursement in excess of his personal expenses or funds in connection with entering a game is automatically suspended in the Cup competition, in any competition under the auspices of the FA and in international tournaments. The club that hired such a player is automatically expelled from the Association.


At the beginning of 1884, the Upton Park club accused the Preston North End of paying salaries to the players of this club. President of the “Preston” William Saddel is also recognized [23] . The club was expelled from the FA. And in 1885, the Football Association still allowed the players to pay salaries [23] . This led to the creation of the world’s first regular Football League [24] . The champion of this tournament was Preston North End [25] . On November 30, 1872, the first ever international match was held. He went between the teams of England and Scotland [26] . In 1904, FIFA, the governing organization in football, was founded in Paris . It includes: Belgium ,Denmark , France , the Netherlands , Spain (as FC Madrid), Swedenand Switzerland [27] .

In 1901, in Montevideo , the first ever match took place with the participation of teams that did not represent the British Isles  – the hosts, the Uruguayan team in a bitter struggle lost to Argentina with a score of 2: 3 [28] .

The beginning of international competitions

After Jules Rome was elected president of FIFA in 1921, the proposal to consider subsequent Olympic football tournaments as “amateur soccer world championships” was ratified. These tournaments – 1924 and 1928 – were won by the Uruguayan national team [29] . Thanks to these successes, the Uruguayan Football Association had no rivals in the struggle to organize the first ever FIFA World Cup (better known in Russian simply as the World Cup ), which took place in 1930. Uruguayans won the home championship, three-time world football champions and the first owners of the FIFA World Cup. This marked the beginning of a new era in the history of football [30]. Until 1970, this trophy was named after Jules Rimet, was also known as the “Cup of the Goddess Nike,” but after the third victory of the Brazilian national team at the World Cup, it was given to her for eternal storage. Instead, the modern World Cup began to be played.

The soccer ball must be spherical , used for playing soccer, the parameters of which are governed by Rule 2 of the Rules of the game of soccer .

The ball consists of 3 parts: tires, lining and camera:

  • Tire – the upper shell of the ball, which strikes.
  • Lining – the middle shell of the ball, the strength of the ball depends on the thickness of the ball (the thicker the stronger).
  • The chamber is the central shell of the ball into which air is pumped for more convenient striking.


    Matches can be held both in fields with natural and in fields with artificial turf. According to the official rules of the game of football, artificial turf must be green. The field for the game has the shape of a rectangle . The side line must be longer than the goal line. It was decided that the field should be 100–110 m (110–120 yards) long and at least 64–75 m (70–80 yards) wide but then the requirement was suspende

    The goal used when playing football consists of two vertical posts (poles) that are equally spaced from the corner flagpoles (that is, the goal must be centered on the goal line ) connected at the top by a horizontal bar.


    Marking the field is done with lines no wider than 12 cm (5 inches) wide; these lines are included in the areas that they limit. All lines should be the same width.

    Name of the field lines: Two long lines bordering the field for the game are called side lines ; two short lines – front lines or goal lines , since the gates are located on them [34] .

    Midline: The field is divided into two halves using a midline connecting the midpoints of the sidelines. In the middle of the midline, the center of the field  is marked – a solid circle with a diameter of 0.3 m (1 ft). Around the center of the field is a circle with a radius of 9.15 m (10 yards). From the mark of the center of the field at the beginning of each of the halves of the main and additional time, as well as after each goal scored , an initial hit is performed. When performing the initial strike, all players must be in their own half of the field, and the opponents of the team performing the strike should be outside the central circle.

    Penalty area: a penalty area  is marked on each half of the field – an area in which the goalkeeper can play with his hands, and an 11-meter kick will be awarded to the gate of the team that committed a penalty in their own penalty area, punishable by a free -kick . The penalty area is 40.32 m (44 yards) by 16.5 m (18 yards). Within the penalty area, in the center of the goal line and at a distance of 11 m (12 yards) from it, a penalty mark is applied – A solid circle with a diameter of 0.3 m (1 ft). Outside the penalty area, an arc of a circle with a radius of 9.15 m (10 yards) is drawn, the center of which is at the eleven meter mark; this arc is used to position team players when breaking through an eleven meter hit. [35]

    Goal area: the goal area is marked on each half of the field  – the area from which the goal is kicked ; dimensions of the goal area – 18.32 m (20 yards) by 5.5 m (6 yards).

    Corner sectors: in each of the four corners of the field, an arc with a radius of 1 m (or 1 yard) is drawn with a center in the corner of the field, limiting the sector for the execution of corner kicks . Also, flags must be placed at each corner of the field on flagpoles that do not have points on top.

    The form

    According to the Rules, the mandatory elements of equipment are: a shirt (or T-shirt) with sleeves, underpants, leggings, shields and boots.There are 17 official rules of the game, each of which contains a list of reservations and guidelines. These rules are intended to apply at all levels of football, although there are some changes for groups such as juniors, adults, women and people with disabilities. Laws are very often formulated in general terms, which make it possible to simplify their application depending on the nature of the game. The rules of the game are published in FIFA , but are supported by the International Council of Football Associations (IFAB) [36] .
    Each team consists of a maximum of eleven players (excluding substitutes), one of which must be a goalkeeper . Unofficial competition rules can reduce the number of players to a maximum of 7. Goalkeepers are the only players who are allowed to play with their hands on the condition that they do so within the penalty area at their own goal. Although there are various positions on the field, these positions are optional [37] .
    The pause between the first and second halves is 15 minutes, during which the teams rest, and at the end they change the goal [38] .
    The goal of the game is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal , do it as many times as possible and try to prevent the goal into your own goal. The match is won by the team that scored the most goals.
    If during two halves the teams scored the same number of goals ( draw ), then either a tie is fixed or the winner is identified in accordance with the established rules of the match. In this case, additional time can be assigned – two more halves of 15 minutes each. As a rule, teams are given a break between the main and extra time of the match. Between extra halves, teams are only given time to switch sides. At one time in football there was a rule according to which the winner was the team At the moment, extra time is either not played at all, or played in full (2 halves of 15 minutes). If during the extra time the winner cannot be identified, a series of penalty shootouts that are not part of the match is carried out : five shots by different players break through the opponent’s goal from a distance of 11 meters. If the number of penalties scored by both teams is equal, then one pair of penalties will break through until a winner is identified 


One Direction is an Anglo-Irish boy band , founded in London in 2010, which includes: Harry Styles , Louis Tomlinson , Niall Horan and Liam Payne . Until March 25, 2015, Zane Malik [1] [2] [3] was also a member of the group .
They signed with Simon Cowell’s Syco Music record label after joining.
The single “ What Makes You Beautiful ” topped the world charts, and the album won first place on the US national Billboard 200 album chart . For the first time, the debut album of the British group took such a high position in the American chart that it was noted in the Guinness Book of Records .
The second album, Take Me Home, was released on November 12, 2012. The subsequent world tour took place in 2013 and raised more than $ 15 million in Australia and New Zealand alone.
In addition to music, One Direction also supports charities and foundations and has advertising agreements with Pokémon , Nokia , HarperCollins and Hasbro .
One Direction is recognized as a group that revived the concept boy band , an integral part of the new ” British Invasion ” inThe United States . As of August 2012, the group has sold 12 million records. One Direction has won awards such as the BRIT Awards and three MTV Video Music Awards .
According to Nick Gatfield, chairman and chief executive officer of Sony Music Entertainment UK , One Direction is a $ 50 million business empire (including selling albums, paraphernalia, and concert tickets). The Huffington Post has proclaimed 2012 the “Year of the Direction the One» [4] .
Information. In 2010, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson came to the seventh season of The X Factor separately, claiming to be in the solo category. After the invitation of the invited judge Nicole Scherzinger, they were united, thus falling into the category of “Groups”. Subsequently, the group worked together for two weeks to get to know each other better and practice. Harry Styles decided to name the band One Direction, as he thought that the name would sound good at the performance. For their first qualifying performance at the “House of Judges”, the group performed an acoustic version of “Torn” [5] . At performances, they chose songs by artists such as Pink , Coldplay ,The Beatles , Elton John , Kelly Clarkson , Snow Patrol , Kim Wilde , Rihanna and others.
After dropping out of competition for four weeks, groups such as FYD, Diva Fever and Belle Amie One Direction remained the last pupils of Simon Cowell in the project. They finished third, only ahead of Rebecca Ferguson , runner-up, and season winner Matt Cardle. Immediately after the finale, a cover of the song “ Forever Young ”, which was to be published if the group won the competition, leaked to the Internet. Then it became known that One Direction had signed a record deal with Simon Cole’s Syco Records .
The recording of their debut album began in January 2011, as soon as the band members flew to Los Angeles to work with producer RedOne . In February, One Direction and nine other members of The X Factor went on a concert tour. In total, more than 500,000 people attended their concerts in the UK. After the tour ended, in April, the group continued work on their debut album. Studio recordings of the group took place in Sweden , the UK and the United States . One Direction worked with producers such as Karl Falk, Sevan Kotecha, Steve Mack, Raimi Yakub and others [6] [7] .
2011-12: Up All Night and international recognition
which took first place in the UK Singles Chart and became the most pre-ordered single in the history of Sony Music Entertainment [9] . In two months, the video clip for the song gained more than 24 million views on YouTube . Over the first week, more than 153 thousand CDs with a debut single were sold. The video for the second single “Gotta Be You” in two weeks gained over 6 million views on YouTube. Over the month, the number of copies sold amounted to more than 88 thousand. Subsequent singles “Gotta Be You” and “One Thing” hit the top ten on the UK chart.
In November 2011, the group signed a contract with Columbia Records label in North America [10] . Steve Barnett, co-chair of Columbia Records, said it was a very difficult decision for him to sign a contract with One Direction because of their youth and inexperience. was released in the US in February 2012, debuting at twenty-eighth position on the Billboard Hot 100 , then reaching fourth place. As of May 2012, more than 2 million copies of the single .The band’s first album, Up All Night , was released on November 21, 2011. The album topped the charts in sixteen countries. He finished second on the UK chart, sold 138,631 copies, the album became the fastest-selling debut album on the UK album chart in 2011. He made his number one debut in the United States on the Billboard 200, making One Direction the first band in UK history to be number one in the United States with his debut album. As of May 13, 2012, 608,382 copies of Up All Night were sold in the UK, and as of July 1, 2012, 899,000 copies in the United States. As of June 2012, more than 2.7 million copies of the album have been sold worldwide. After the crazy popularity and success of One Direction, they are called by a group that revived the term “boy band “and conquered the United States and Britain.
In December 2011, One Direction set off on their first UK independent tour, Up All Night Tour . In early 2012, due to international popularity, an Australian and North American concert tour was also planned from April to July 2012. Tickets for all 62 concerts were sold out completely.
The group released a recording of one of the concerts on DVD. the DVD topped the charts in twenty-five countries. In the US, he debuted at number one on the Billboard DVD, with sales of 76,000 copies. In Australia, the DVD went six times platinum, selling 90,000 copies in its first week.
One Direction has released two of their own books, entitled Forever Young and Dare to Dream. Forever Young talks about the lives of boys on The X Factor and was released on February 17, 2011. The book took first place on the Sunday Times bestseller list. In turn, the book Dare to Dream , telling about life after the project, was released on September 15, 2011.
On February 21, 2012, One Direction took part in the 2012 Brit Awards , where “What Makes You Beautiful” won the “Best British Single” nomination. In the same year, at the Teen Choice Awards, the group won the following nominations: Summer Music Star Group, Choice Music Breakout Group, Choice Love Song.
. In April 2012, members of the group announced that they would like to contribute more to the songwriting for the second album.
2012–13: In April 2012, The Independent reported that Cowell decided to record the second album of an internationally successful group, following the success of his debut album.
Harry Styles in his interview said, “We are always in the process of writing songs: whether we are on the road, hotel or airport. We do not want our music to sound as if it was written by a forty-year-old man in his office ” [13] . The release of the album Take Me Home took place on November 12, 2012 [14] . The single “ Live While We’re Young ”, representing the new album, achieved worldwide success, ranking first in the charts of Ireland and New Zealand and making it to the Top 10 in every country in which it was presented [15] [16]. Sales on the first day of release amounted to more than 314,000 copies, as a result of which the single was marked as the fastest-selling single of the British group and took third place in the number of downloads among music groups [17] [18] .
The group also planned a new concert tour in February 2013 [19] . The concert tour consisted of 101 performances in the UK, Ireland, North America and Australia. In the UK and Ireland, more than 300,000 units were sold on the first day of ticket sales. In North America, the group had to increase the number of concerts due to “huge demand” [20] In Australia and New Zealand, tickets worth more than $ 15.7 million were sold, all 190,000 tickets for 18 concerts were sold [21] .
2013-14: Midnight Memories and This is Us
August 30, 2013, the. The director of the picture was Morgan Sperlock . The producers were Sperlock, Ben Winston, Adam Milano and Simon Cowell [22] . The main soundtrack of the film was the song “Best Song Ever”, released July 22, 2013 as a lead single from the upcoming third album of the band “ Midnight Memories ” [23] [24] . The film was commercially successful, becoming the highest-grossing film in the UK and the USA, as well as raising over $ 60 million worldwide. On May 16, 2013 the group announced the first stadium tour “ Where We Are Tour ” , which began in April 2014. On May 30, 2013, the group announced a collaboration with Office Depot to create a school supplies collection. It was also confirmed that part of the proceeds from the sale of these goods will be used to implement programs to combat bullying in schools [26] .
On November 23, 2013, in support of Midnight Memories, the group organized 1D Day, [27] dedicated to their fans. The 1D Day broadcast lasted 7.5 hours using the service on YouTube . During the broadcast, the band members performed several songs. Also on the air were invited such stars as Simon Cowell, Cindy Crawford , Pierce Morgan , Jerry Springer and others.


The official distribution of the game in Russia is carried out by Mail.Ru Group [3] [4] . The game is based on previous modifications for other games created by Brendan Green ( Eng. By Brendan Greene ) under the pseudonym «PlayerUnknown», a concept that was inspired by the Japanese film ” Battle Royale” 2000 year . As a result, this led to the creation of an independent game, where Green acted as a leading game designer . In the game there are up to 100 players who land on the island, after which they look for equipment and weapons to kill other participants and at the same time stay alive. The available safe area on the in-game map begins to decrease over time, making the available space closer to push them together.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.jpg logo
Game cover
The Republic of Korea PUBG Corporation
The whole world PUBG Corporation
The whole world Microsoft studios
( Xbox one )
Russia Mail.Ru Group ( PC )
China Tencent ( PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS)) [1]
Japan DMM Games [en] ( PC )
Announcement Date
June 27, 2016 [2]
Release dates
The whole worldMarch 23, 2017
( early access )
The whole worldDecember 21, 2017 (release)
Xbox one
The whole world December 12, 2017
( early access )
The whole world September 4, 2018
( release )
iOS , Android
China February 9, 2018
The whole world March 19, 2018
Playstation 4
The whole world December 7, 2018
Latest version
5.7.7 ( PC ) / July 10, 2019
1.20 ( XOne ) / August 13, 2019
0.14.5 ( Android / iOS ) / September 13, 2019
battle royale , third -person and first-person shooter
ACB : MA15 + – Mature 15+
CERO : D – Ages 17 and up
ESRB : T – Teens
PEGI : 16
RARS : 16+
USK : 18
Brendan Green
Chan Khan Kim
Game designer
Brendan Green
Salta, Tom
Technical details
PC ( Windows ), Xbox One , iOS , Android , PlayStation 4
Game engine
Unreal engine 4
Game mode
Interface language
Russian language is present
full list:
Russian , English , Korean , Chinese , French , German , Spanish , Arabic , Japanese , Polish , Portuguese , Turkish , Thai
digital distribution

Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300
Hard Drive: 30 GB
Video card: video card with 2 GB of memory ( NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R7 370 )
DirectX 11
Broadband Internet Access
keyboard and mouse , gamepad , touch screen
Official site
Commons-logo.svg Wikimedia Commons Media Files
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released Steam for the program early access on March 23 2017 the year for the operating system the Windows [5] . During the first seven months after the release, more than 13 million copies of the game were sold, and the peak number of players reached more than 2 million people by the end of the year, making it one of the most popular games on Steam [6] . On October 31, PUBG sales exceeded 18 million copies. The full version of the game was released on December 21, 2017. Output for Xbox One by publisher Microsoft Studios on December 12 to the early access program [7], but on September 4, 2018, an official release took place. March 19, 2018 was released a mobile version for Android and iOS on the model of free-to-play- . The PlayStation 4 version was announced in November 2018, and released on December 7, 2018.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an action-game, in which players with up to 100 people are fighting in the ” battle royal ” ( Eng.  Of Battle Royale ), the type of large-scale ” for last man standing ” battle in deathmatch mode where players fight each other to be the last survivors. Players can choose how to enter the match: alone, in a pair or in a squad of four people. In any case, the last person or team left alive wins the match [8] .

Each match begins with the fact that all players parachute from an airplane over a map with an area of ​​4 × 4, 6 x 6 or 8 × 8 kilometers [9] . The flight route of the aircraft through the map is randomly selected at the beginning of the match, which requires players to quickly determine the best moment for a parachute jump [8] . Players start the round without any equipment, with the exception of customizable clothing, which has almost no effect on the gameplay. Once the players land, they can inspect various buildings, structures and other structures in search of weapons, vehicles, clothing, armor, tactical equipment, medicines and other things. These items are distributed throughout the map at the beginning of the match, and certain areas have an increased chance of finding the best equipment there.[8] . Killed players leave equipment at the place of their death [8] . Players can choose the view from the first or third person , each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages in a combat situation and analysis of the current situation; however, before the start of the match, the player can choose the settings for the server, allowing you to choose to use only one type of perspective for all players in order to eliminate some advantages (for example, a view of the terrain from behind the shelter, remaining completely hidden behind it) [8] [10] .

Some time after landing, every few minutes the playing area of ​​the map begins to decrease in a random place, while any player who is outside the safe zone will begin to take damage, which ultimately leads to his death and the end of the match for him, if he will not have time to get to the safe zone on time; in the game, the player sees the border of the area as a shimmering bluish wall, which narrows over time [11] . As a result of this, the safe playing area is becoming more and more limited, which in turn increases the chances of meeting other players [8] . Also during the match in random areas of the map there is a red zone that is bombarded, this poses a threat to players who remain in this area [12]. In both cases, players are warned a few minutes before these events, which gives them time to move to a safe place [13] . In addition, from time to time, an airplane will fly over various areas of the game zone along a random route, parachuting a container with cargo containing items that are usually inaccessible during the game process. Upon landing, the cargo is marked with a red smoke bomb , which attracts interested players and creates additional confrontations [8] . On average, a full round lasts no more than 30 minutes [13] .

At the end of each round, players receive in-game currency based on how long they survived, how many players they killed and how much damage they caused. Currency is used to purchase boxes containing items of clothing and shoes, hats to customize the appearance of the character [14] .

The concept of the game was developed when lead designer Brendan Green, under the pseudonym “PlayerUnknown,” began working as a modder on ArmA 2 , later creating his own game mode, which is now called “Battle Royale”. This game mode was later embodied in other games, for example, H1Z1: King of the Kill . Seeing the commercial success of this genre, Brendan Green decided to make his own game in Battle Royale mode. The game was released as part of the Steam Early Access Program in March 2017 [15] . On December 21, 2017, a full release of the game took place [16] .

October 16, 2017 Mail.Ru Group became the official distributor of the game in Russia [3] [4] .

During the early access period , most gaming websites decided not to do detailed reviews on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , although they praised the game. IGN Chloe Rad gave the game a preliminary rating of 9 out of 10, commenting on the fact that it “creates a tense and focused gaming experience, nothing more that puts it out of competition” in comparison with similar projects [17] .

In the first three days after the release of PUBG in early access, the project brought developers $ 11 million dollars [26] , while at the same time topping the top of the most popular games on Steam , and the number of simultaneously playing users amounted to 67 thousand people [27] . By the second week of April 2017, more than 1 million copies of the game were sold, and the maximum number of simultaneous players was 89 thousand people. Analyst company SuperData Research estimated that revenue from April sales of the game exceeded $ 34 million, which added it to the top 10 most profitable games for the month, while still ahead of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. By May 2017, more than 2 million copies of the game were sold, and the total gross income was estimated at $ 60 million. For three months of early access, sales exceeded 4 million copies of the game, while the Bluehole publisher announced that revenues exceeded $ 100 million. PUBG reached 4 million copies sold faster than Minecraft , which took more than a year to achieve similar sales figures during the paid beta . Seven months after PUBG went into early access, Bluehole announced that the game had hit the 13 million sold mark. In September 2017, the 38 Communications analytic website estimated Bluehole’s capitalization of 5.2 trillion South Korean won ($ 4.6 billion).US dollars ), which implies that over the past three months since June of that year, at the expense of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the market value of Bluehole has grown five-fold [28] . In the wake of the success of the game, the Chinese telecommunications media giant Tencent proposed Bluehole a publishing agreement to release the game in China and invested in shares of the company [29] .

With early access, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has surpassed numerous game records. Bluehole released statistics for the first four months after the release, which showed that more than ten million matches were played in PUBG , which is actually more than 25,000 years old. These SteamSpy demonstrated that PUBG overtook longtime popular projects on the number of simultaneous players (eng.) Russian. on Steam such as Fallout 4 and Grand Theft Auto V , even surpassing Dota 2 , the most popular platform game in August 2017. The following month, the maximum number of players in the game exceeded 1.3 million people, which exceeded the record in Dota 2 , equal to 1.29 million and set in March 2016 . At the beginning of October 2017, the peak number of simultaneously playing users reached 2 million people [6] . The game also had its popularity in South Korea , in the local internet café called the PC bang (Eng.) Russian. ; Gametrics, an analytics firm, said PUBG outperformed Overwatch by August 2017. and became the second most popular game in the country, second only to League of Legends .

Some gaming journalists commented on the rapid growth of a large user base for the game, which was still in early access. The creator of the game, Brendan Green, was sure that during the first month the game could attract more than one million players, however, some of the development team expected only from 200,000 to 300,000 during the first year and were very surprised by the results for the first month. Green believed that the strong growth in the number of players was fueled by unconventional advertising through streamers on Twitch.tvand other content creators with whom they collaborated to introduce new gameplay elements before the public release. Chloe Rad with IGN believed the game’s popularity was due to its rapidly evolving features compared to similar games available at the time, such as H1Z1 and DayZ . Glad believes that the structure of the game balances well between periods when the player is in the thick of things with gunfights and when he leads a secret game, hiding from other hostile players. In her opinion, this approach, together with a short waiting time for a new match, reduces the threshold for new players to enter the game. Andy Moore from Glixel (Eng.) Russian. felt that the popularity of PUBG due to how the game encourages players to act in situations in which they find themselves without considering their preferences, comparing this to the Stanford prison experiment[ specify ] , and thus is able to capture the interest of players who can usually avoid these types of games.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun ‘s Michael Johnson described PUBG as “a tactical shooter – sandbox with story and horror generator in one game”, and combining this with the multiplayer mode, in his opinion, is the reason for its popularity. Rob Zakni of site Waypoint (Eng.) Russian. found that PUBG offers the same type of entertainment for participants, that many other simulators survival of the regime “players often experiment with in-game resources rather than storing them, which leads to humorous or unexpected situations, which are often absent in survival games, and makes it more pleasant to watch and the game itself, which contributes to its popularity. VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb believes PUBG is a paradigm shift in the first-person shooter market , similar to how Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare changed the way the shooter world came out in 2007 , but according to Grubb, PUBG did it being the exact opposite of the Call of Duty series in terms of pace of the game and strategy.


” TikTok ” ( Engl. TikTok) – a social network that allows you to create short music videos, live shows and to exchange messages. In China, known as Douyin .
Launched in September 2016, it is currently the leading video platform for short videos in China [2] and is becoming increasingly popular in other countries, becoming one of the fastest growing and most downloaded applications [3] [4] . Currently, the application has reached more than 500 million users from 150 countries [5] . It is believed that the main audience of this social network are teenagers [6] . However, in China, where the application is most popular, 60% of users are in the age range of 25-44 years, and outside China, 43% of users are older than the age range of 16-24 [7] .The social network Douyin was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance in September 2016 [8] . Later, a copy of this application was released for the international market under the name TikTok [9] . This allowed the company to grow globally without violating the laws of its country [10] .
On November 9, 2017, ByteDance acquired the social network and on August 2, 2018 merged it with TikTok [11] .How to get into recommendations in Tick Tok is a question that interests most users of this popular application. This social network was created by the Chinese corporation and today is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian-speaking population. Especially this program is passionate about teasers who publish many different videos every day. However, despite the high activity, getting into the top of the best is not so easy. Read more about how to do it.

The answer to the question: how to get into the recommendations in Tick Tok and how the recommendations work is simple – this is the so-called rating. Only the most interesting and high-quality video clips fall into the recommendations of Tick Tok. Thanks to this, many users of this social network are gaining the desired popularity and can safely use their accounts as a way to earn money. To stand out among millions of other followers and get into recommendations, you need:

post high-quality content in Tick Tok, shoot bright, original content and collect a large number of likes, then you are more likely to get recommendations
Create and customize a profile with unique features unique to you. In this case, it is worth choosing a simple and memorable profile name.
neat and stylish look when shooting for Tick Tok,
in the process of shooting, stay positive and confident, users love these bloggers.
one more trick how to get into the recommendations in Tik Tok: shoot without hands to get into the frame at full height.
use high-quality equipment for shooting, otherwise even the most interesting idea will be spoiled due to poor video quality.
mark people on your posts, later they will help you publicize your profile and get into recommendations in Tick Tok.
Try to plan new videos on certain days, so that users get used to the specified format.
shoot theme clips for a specific audience.
learn from popular users, know your competitors by sight.
to fly into the top, handle the clips in the video editor.
Use popular music tracks.

When creating a video, actively write trending hashtags, since the application processes your video clip in accordance with the specified tags. You can make videos related to popular tags as well as put descriptions in the title of your video.

The use of tags gives an excellent result for getting into recommendations in Tick Tok:

# like4like or # l4l, which means like for like
# comment4comment or # c4c – means comment for comment
#follow offers to follow you.
# followfor # follow – subscription for subscription.
Decide on your audience in Tick Tok and write tags for them, then your clips will become popular and recognizable. You now know how to get into recommendations in Tick Tok.


Phoenix, Joaquin

Joaquin Rafael Phoenix ( . English Joaquin Raphael Phoenix, IPA : [hwɑːkiːn fiːnɪks] ; b. 28 October 1974 , San Juan , Puerto Rico ) – American entertainer , maker , music video chief and artist . The more youthful sibling of on-screen character River Phoenix .

Four-time candidate and champ of the Golden Globe Cinematography Award , Cannes prize victor and champ of the Volpi Cup of Venice Film Festivals for Best Actor and a Grammy Music Award , three-time Academy Award chosen one and British Film Academy Award .

The job of the Roman ruler Commodus in the film ” Gladiator ” brought overall notoriety . He is additionally known for the movies ” Signs “, ” Hotel” Rwanda “,” Mysterious Forest “,” Cross the Line “,” She “. The greater part of the pundits perceived the apex of his vocation as the job of Freddie Quell in the film ” Master “, for this job Phoenix was assigned for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Joaquin Phoenix was conceived on October 28, 1974 in Puerto Rico . Mother, Arlyn Sharon Phoenix ( Arlyn Phoenix , nee Dunets, brought into the world 1944), originated from a group of Jewish migrants settled in the Bronx from Hungary and Russia ; his dad of Spanish-Irish family, John Lee Butt ( Eng. the John Lee The Bottom), was a local of California . His folks were individuals from the Children of God group and were engaged with evangelist exercises while going in South America .

In 1978, guardians left the order and moved to Florida, changing their surname to Phoenix. Joaquin’s mom found a new line of work at NBC in the throwing office . Their youngsters started acting in ads and TV arrangement.

The group of John Lee and Arlene Phoenix had five youngsters. These are the children of River (1970-1993) and Joaquin, little girls of Liberty, Rain and Summer .

The main TV pretended by Phoenix in 1982, in the dramatization “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” alongside his more seasoned sibling River Phoenix .

At that point Joaquin Phoenix featured in verbose jobs in the TV arrangement “She composed the homicide” (1984) and “The Falling Man” (1984).

In 1995, he shows up in the motion picture ” What merits kicking the bucket for.” Phoenix accomplices in the film were Nicole Kidman , Matt Dillon , Casey Affleck . In late October 2008, Joaquin declared his retirement from the film so as to “dedicate himself altogether to the melodic field.” Subsequently, it worked out that the announcement was a piece of the pseudo-narrative film ” I’m Still Here, ” shot by Casey Affleck, who is likewise the spouse of his sister Summer . Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a veggie lover . In 2003, he partook in the production of the narrative about the brutality to creatures ” Earthlings “, in which numerous different veggie lovers participated notwithstanding it [4]. Joaquin Phoenix discusses the film as pursues: “Of the considerable number of movies I have taken a shot at, this is the most discussed,” “Everybody who has seen Earthlings enlightens three additionally concerning it” [4] . For taking an interest in this film, Joaquin Phoenix was granted the Humanitarian Award at the San Diego Film Festival

The creator of “The Hangover Party” Todd Phillips made a genuine Scorsese show about an untouchable brought to surrender by society. Furthermore, maybe he exceeded Christopher Nolan in the “more dull, progressively practical” approach, Olga Belik accepts.

What’s more, obviously, the famous chuckling of the Joker. Phillips thought of a splendid arrangement, making the legend snicker insanely at minutes when he most needs to cry. A sort of super shortcoming, which later winds up one of the character’s super powers. The chief indicated Phoenix a tape of patients experiencing wild giggling, and the on-screen character believed that he couldn’t adapt to the assignment. “I began rehearsing alone and after a month requested that Todd give me a snicker. I was appallingly awkward, I would not like to sound phony. Todd tuned in, tuned in, and stated: “Stop, stop,” “chuckles Joaquin. Accordingly, they concocted three kinds of giggling: to begin the film, when Arthur is continually alone; for minutes when Arthur is looked with individuals; for the resurrection and freedom of the saint, when chuckling progresses toward becoming not torment, however happiness.

Phillips says his Joker isn’t a superhuman and not the person who needs to see the world ablaze. “This is a person who is simply attempting to get himself and comprehend what his identity is. He will likely make individuals giggle, and he turned into an image of opposition accidentally. ” The new Joker is a man who is simply tired of being great. This theme was incidentally beaten in the “Cry” by John Waters. It likewise demonstrates the dangerous intensity of such a choice – what happens when the embarrassed and offended repels.

Subsequently, we have a genuine pinnacle of the most genuine and sensible film adjustment dependent on funnies, a Shakespearean disaster shot by an entertainer. DC studio rendered a certain retribution before Marvel in the battle for the watcher and the Oscars.