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Lenovo Group Limited (pronounced Lenovo Group Limited ; Chinese trade.聯想, ex.联想, pinyin : liánxiǎng , pall .: Lianxiang , full name is Chinese. It is the largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world with a market share of more than 20% [4] , and also ranks fifth in the production of mobile phones. Lenovo is headquartered in Beijing(PRC), and the company is registered in Hong Kong . The main research centers of the company are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen (China), as well as in Yamato ( Japan ).
For 2017, the company has more than 52,000 employees (including joint ventures) from more than 60 countries. The company serves customers in more than 160 countries.

The company was founded in 1984 by Liu Chuanchzhi ( Eng.  Liu Chuanzhi ) and 10 other members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . The company received a start-up capital of 200 thousand yuan ($ 24,000) from the academy and was originally called New Technology Developer Incorporated (two years later, Legend). In the early years, the company was engaged in the import of televisions and electronic watches, as well as the adaptation of IBM computers to work with hieroglyphs . The company assembled its first computer in 1990, by 1994, 1 million personal computers had already been manufactured, and in parallel, the company was distributing Hewlett-Packard and Toshibaproducts in China . In 1994, Legend shares were listed onHong Kong Stock Exchange , which gave the company $ 30 million for further development; The Chinese Academy of Sciences has remained the largest shareholder of Legend. In 1997, the company took first place in China in terms of the number of PCs sold, beating IBM; By 1999, the share of the domestic market reached 27%, the turnover was $ 2.4 billion. The Chinese market provided almost unlimited opportunities for growth, therefore, the world recession in the high-tech sector in the early 2000s barely affected the company. In 2001, the holding company Legend Holdings Ltd. was created , combining various areas of activity, such as the production of personal computers and mobile phones, distribution of electronics (of its own and other manufacturers), software development, trade through the Internet, serviceweb portals , construction (Rong Ke Zhi De), venture financing [5] .

In 2003, Legend Holdings computer manufacturing subsidiary was renamed Lenovo. The accession of China to the World Trade Organization, on the one hand, has intensified competition in the domestic market, but on the other hand has expanded the opportunities for international development. The manifestation of such a development was the wide multi-year agreement concluded by IBM in December 2004 .and Lenovo. IBM has been manufacturing computers since 1981, but has failed to maintain a leading position in this segment; The turnover of the IBM Personal Systems Group personal computer business unit fell from $ 10 billion in 2000 to $ 5 billion in 2004, which prompted the decision to sell the business to Lenovo. Under the terms of the agreement, Lenovo paid $ 1.25 billion for it and accepted its debt of $ 500 million; IBM and three US investment companies ( Texas Pacific Group , General Atlantic LLC and Newbridge Capital LLC) became shareholders of Lenovo; Lenovo could use the IBM brand until 2010 [6] . Following the completion of this transaction in May 2005, Lenovo became the third largest personal computer manufacturer in the world after Dell.and Hewlett-Packard . In April 2006, the company announced that it will be installed on computers manufactured by the original operating system of the Windows that brings the company Microsoft for $ 1 billion per year [5].

In the third quarter of fiscal year 2010/11, as part of an agreement, Lenovo and NEC [7]created a joint division of NEC Lenovo Japan Group. As a result of the transaction, valued at $ 175 million, Lenovo received 51%, and NEC 49% of the joint venture.

In June 2011, Lenovo acquired the German company Medion , a retailer and after-sales service provider of electronics [8] . The acquisition will allow Lenovo to take third place in Germany’s largest market in Europe and double its share in this region and in Western Europe as a whole [9] .

For the period July-September 2012, Lenovo took first place in the world in the supply of personal computers [10] .

January 23, 2014 it was announced that a deal between Lenovo Group and the Corporation IBM by buying a business the x86servers from IBM for $ 2.3 billion [11] and the expansion of the alliance between the companies [12] [13] .

On January 30, 2014, Lenovo entered into a deal with Google to purchase the Motorola Mobility division for $ 2.9 billion [14] . On October 30, 2014, the transaction was completed and Motorola Mobility became a subsidiary of Lenovo.


The name Lenovo is derived from Le- (from the original name Le gend) and lat.  novo “new” in the ablative case. The Chinese name ( Chinese trad.聯想, ex.联想, pinyin : liánxiǎng , pall .: Liangsian ) means “association” or “connected thinking”, but may also mean “creativity”. The name Lenovo instead of Legend was introduced due to the prevalence of the latter in the West and already registered trademarks with this name.US private equity funds Texas Pacific Group , General Atlantic LLC and Newbridge Capital LLC (2.8%), 55.1% are traded on stock exchanges. The market capitalization of the company as of July 12, 2010 is $ 5.6 billion. [16]
Ian Yuantsin ( Eng. Yang Yuanqing ) – Chairman of the Board (since 2005) and Chief Executive Officer (since 2009), in his 2017 owned 6.28% stake in the company. In the management of the company since 1997, in the company since 1989. He is also a director and shareholder of Sureinvest Holdings Limited. Born on November 12, 1962 in Hefei , he graduated from Shanghai Transport University and the Scientific and Technical University of China .mobile phones, netbooks , servers , monitors , video projectors , video cards, keyboards, mice and kits, memory modules, optical drives, power supplies, accessories, laptop bags and cases, and also develops software for its products . The main brands under which the products are manufactured: Lenovo, ThinkCentre, ThinkPad , ThinkVision, IdeaPad . The company has its own plants in the USA , India , Mexico , in November 2007 the first factory was opened in Europe in Poland [17]. In September 2011, the company announced plans to build the first plant in Russia [18] .
The company has more than 5500 patents worldwide. In addition, Lenovo entered the top 30 innovative companies according to BusinessWeek magazine in 2010 [19] and the top 10 most environmentally friendly companies according to Forbes magazine in 2011. Lenovo was recognized as one of the world’s leading reputational leaders according to a global survey conducted by the RepTrak 100 Reputation Institute in 2011, and also entered the top 50 most desirable employers in the world in terms of students, according to a 2011 Universum rating agency survey. [20] .
The company has 46 laboratories, in particular research centers in Yokohama (Japan), Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen (China), as well as Morrisville (North Carolina, USA).
Company divisions are formed on a geographical basis:
China – turnover in the 2016/2017 financial year amounted to $ 11.8 billion (28%), assets – $ 7.8 billion;
Europe, the Middle East and Africa – turnover amounted to $ 11.2 billion (26%), assets – $ 3.3 billion;
Asia-Pacific region – turnover amounted to $ 7 billion (16%), assets – $ 3.5 billion;
America – turnover amounted to $ 13 billion (30%), assets – $ 6.6 billion .

The company’s products are divided into three main groups. The largest of them is personal computers , which accounted for $ 30 billion of the $ 43 billion in revenue (70%) in the 2016/2017 financial year; The company’s share of the global market in this segment was 21.4%. Other groups are mobile devices ($ 8 billion, 18%, the main markets are India and Brazil) and data centers ($ 4 billion, 9%). Another $ 1 billion came from other businesses, such as investments in promising start-up companies (Capital and Incubator Group) and cloud computing . [one]

ThinkCentre – Desktop Line
ThinkVision – a line of monitors
IdeaPad – a line of portable PCs targeted at individual customers
Series 100, 300, 500 and 700
Miix series ( en: IdeaPad # Miix series )
A series (on Android )
G series ( en: Lenovo Essential laptops )
IdeaPad S series (since 2008)
IdeaPad Y series (since 2008, also known as Legion [25] )
IdeaPad U series (since 2008)
V series
IdeaPad Z series (multimedia, since 2010)
Flex series (with rotary screen)
IdeaTab – a line of tablet computers
IdeaCentre – a line of desktop PCs for individual customers
IdeaPhone – a line of smartphones for individual customers
ThinkStation – Workstations
ThinkServer – Servers
Essential – the economy line of portable PCs.

  • OneKey Rescue is a simple operating system developed on the Windows PE platform. It is located on a standalone partition of the hard drive along with a backup copy of the laptop operating system and the Norton Antivirus antivirus program. In the event of a crash, the main OS is activated by pressing a special button (when the laptop’s power is off). The laptop hard drive is scanned by an antivirus program, damaged or destroyed system files are restored from the OS backup. Installed on most modern laptops of the company.
  • ThinkVantage is a collection of utilities. The keyboard of some laptops has a special ThinkVantage button for quickly displaying the main menu of the package on the display.
  • ReadyComm – a utility for the convenience of managing network connections (including to the Internet)
  • BioExcess – a utility for encrypting and protecting PC data and files
  • RapidBoot Shield – a utility to speed up loading and protect the operating system, the program requires the installation of Lenovo Data Shield Driver
  • Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer – a utility to speed up loading and optimize the operating system
  • Power2Go – a software package for burning files of various formats to optical disks
  • Lenovo EasyCapture is a multimedia utility for laptops equipped with webcams. There are functions of photographing, recording videos, audio files and editing them. Allows you to remotely control your webcam.
  • Lenovo VeriFace  is a utility for software biometric facial recognition of the user. It is installed on laptops and desktop PCs equipped with webcams (can be used on computers of other manufacturers). Compares the individual features of the user’s face with photos stored in the program memory. It is used instead of or in addition to a password to prevent unauthorized access to a computer.
  • Lenovo Energy Management is a utility for managing laptop power. Coordinates the power consumption of hardware and software. Significantly increases battery life and battery life without recharging. It can be used on laptops from other manufacturers.
  • OneKey Theater is a utility for improving the playback quality of video and music files.
  • Shareit  is a free application for transferring files between devices that support the Wi-Fi protocol.

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