Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (Samsung Electronics; Samsung in Korean literally means “three stars” 삼성, 三星 ; Korean name is 삼성 전자, 三星 電子 , “Samson Jeonjah”) is a multinational company manufacturing electronics , semiconductors , telecommunications equipment , memory chips, liquid crystal displays , mobile phones and monitors .Today, Samsung employs more than 309,630 people in 74 countries. The head office of the company is located in Suwon (South Korea) [4]

Since 2018, Samsung Electronics has been led by three CEOs:

Kinam Kim is President and Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of Device Solutions .
Hyunsuk Kim is President and CEO, President and Head of Consumer Electronics .
Dong Jin Koh (DJ Koh) – President and CEO, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications , President and Head of Mobile Communications Business .

The main activities of Samsung Electronics are:

Consumer Electronics : TVs, monitors, printers , air conditioners, household appliances);
IT & Mobile Communications : computers , telephones, digital cameras;
Device Solutions : includes two divisions – semiconductor (produces memory chips and processors) and display (produces screens for electronics).
In the field of Consumer Electronics, the company produces:

Plasma TVs
LCD TVs and LCD Monitors
DVD players (until 2019 )
Digital Camcorders
Digital cameras (until 2017) [5]
Pocket Digital Audio Players (until 2010)
Laser printers (until November 1, 2017) [6]
Optical disc drives
Hard disks (HDD)Semiconductor Division ( Eng. Semiconductor Business ): the production of memory chips, the DRAM , the SRAM , and flash memory . Samsung has been a leader in the production of DRAM and SRAM continuously for 13 years [22] .
Division display ( Eng. The Display Business ). Samsung has set some records in LCD panel production over the past few years. In August 2001, the world’s first 40- inch panel was introduced , followed by a 46- inch panel in October 2002, a 57-inch panel was released in 2003, and 82-inch in early 2005. In 2004, Samsung’s share of the LCD monitor market was 22.5%.
Division of IT and mobile communication ( Eng. IT & Mobile Communications ): the production of phones, computers, digital cameras.
The division of household appliances (the English Digital Appliance Network Business ): the production of microwave ovens , refrigerators , air conditioners and other household goods [23] .

The largest television production company in Europe in Jasfensaru ( Hungary ), more than 2.6 thousand employees.

In September 2008, a plant was opened in Russia (Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga LLC) in the Borovsky district of the Kaluga Region . The volume of investments in the enterprise amounted to more than $ 250 million. The total area of ​​the production workshops of the plant is 40.6 thousand square meters. m. The plant includes: a workshop for the production of printed circuit boards and microcircuits , as well as a workshop for thermoplastic molding.

The factory manufactures Samsung TVs, monitors and washing machines, intended for sale in Russia , the CIS countries and for export to Europe. Since November 2018, the company began production of the world’s first 8K QLED TVs Q900R with diagonals of 75 and 85 inches with the most accurate screen resolution available today.

With the Olympic Games in Seoul in 1988before the Olympic Games in Nagano in 1998 , Samsung was a local sponsor of the Olympics, and since 1998 has acted as World Olympic Partner in the category “Wireless telecommunications equipment.” He is also the World Partner of the International Paralympic Committee, with whom he has been cooperating since 2006 [25] .

In 2004, she acted as a representative partner of the first Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay. Subsequently, the company was a representative partner of the Olympic Torch Relay during the Olympics in Turin in 2006, in Beijing in 2008, in London in 2012 and supported the Pyeongchang Relay – 2018. Samsung will support the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and subsequent Olympic Games, including Los Angeles 2028, as well as the Youth Olympic Games until 2028 inclusive [26] .

The company provides participants and organizers of the Olympic Games with mobile technological solutions, and also provides the operation of a proprietary wireless platform, called Wireless Olympic Works (WOW).Since 2007, Samsung Electronics has supported the WorldSkills International (WSI) movement, an international non-profit movement whose goal is to enhance the prestige of working professions and the development of professional education. The company acts as WorldSkills International representing partner, since 2007 – representing partner of WorldSkills International movement. He was also the General Partner of the 45th WorldSkills Championship of Professional Excellence, which took place in Kazan from August 22 to 27, 2019 [27] [28] .In the 1980s, on the initiative of Samsung headquarters in Seoul, the Samsung Service Plaza project was launched. In 2008, the project began its development in Russia. The company has more than 50 Samsung Service Plaza assets. The service center includes a store with a demo area for new products and premium after-sales service. In Samsung Service Plaza service centers, you can get qualified specialist advice, as well as repair equipment within one hour in the presence of the client.

Research centre

The company has opened 35 research centers in different countries (including in Russia since 1993). Invests in research 7.7% of annual sales revenue – this is one of the leading indicators in the world. Today it has the largest number of active patents in the USA and has filed applications for most of the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Europe [29] .


In the next three years, Samsung will invest $ 22 billion in the development of 5G, as well as technologies in the field of artificial intelligence. 7 centers of artificial intelligence were opened in Seoul , Silicon Valley, Cambridge , Toronto , New York , Montreal, as well as in Moscow (since May 2018).

The Samsung Galaxy S series belongs to the Samsung GALAXY series Android smartphones and includes the Super Smart [1] GALAXY series devices made by Samsung Electronics.

Series phones Galaxy S since 2010 positioned as the flagship of Samsung and are considered the main competitors line of smartphones iPhone of Apple’s [2] . Initially, the first Galaxy S series smartphone was launched in Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea in June 2010 [3] [4] [5], then in the United States [6] . During the first 45 days of sales, more than a million units were sold in the United States, which also contributed to the promotion of the Android operating system in the new and fast-growing smartphone market, which also produced phones with operating systems Symbian , Windows Phone , LiMobased on Linux and others [7] . Galaxy S line of phones has made Samsung the largest manufacturer of phones in the world [8] . Galaxy S line is distinguished by the fact that its new models usually have the most modern technologies and innovative characteristics in the smartphone market [9] .

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