Sarvjeet Singh, the man who was blamed for badgering, foul comments and attack at a Delhi traffic signal by AAP part Jasleen Kaur in 2015,:- Is Not Proven Guilty

Sarvjeet Singh, the man who was blamed for badgering, foul comments and attack at a Delhi traffic signal by AAP part Jasleen Kaur in 2015, has at long last been vindicated by the court. Singh shared the news through a Facebook post and expressed gratitude toward the individuals who trusted him and remained by him when the whole online networking had announced him a criminal just based on the Kaur’s words.

Extremist Deepika Bharadwaj shared Sarvjeet Singh’s post and expressed that Sarvjeet has been absolved of all charges by the court in the wake of four difficult long periods of preliminary. Sarvjeet Singh has been going to preliminaries for four long years. Jasleen Kaur didn’t go to preliminaries for a long time. In the wake of missing 14 preliminary dates in the court, she had shown up in December a year ago. She had guaranteed that she was away in light of the fact that she had ‘scholarly responsibilities’ in Canada.

The Case

On August 23, 2015, Jasleen Kaur, an understudy of Delhi’s St Stephen’s College and an AAP part had posted a photograph of Singh at a traffic signal and had asserted that he had passed revolting remarks at her and had compromised her as she attempted to click his photograph.

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Kaur’s Facebook post had circulated around the web inside hours. Sarvjeet Singh, nonetheless, had remarked on Kaur’s photograph recognizing himself as the person in the viral post and had expressed that he was honest and it was Jasleen who had compromised him when he had declined to pursue her bearings to bounce the traffic signal.

Singh was before long captured by the police. As the case got featured as another case of the provocation that Delhi young ladies face each day, big names and government officials likewise participate to salute Jasleen as a valiant youngster. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal had additionally extolled Jasleen. Kaur has turned into a moment VIP. According to aanIndia Today report, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi had declared a reward of Rs 5000 for Kaur for her ‘grit’.

Observer guarantee

Not long after Sarvjeet’s capture and observer assessments, the case began failing. Vishwajeet Singh, who was available at the area, expressed that Sarvjeet was guiltless and it was, truth be told, Jasleen who had loudly manhandled and misbahved with Sarvjeet. Kaur had again taken to internet based life to guarantee she was correct and the observer records were false.

The Trial

For every one of these years, Sarvjeet Singh had managed the disgrace of being the harasser. In 2016, he had again engaged the individuals through a web based life post, specifying how it was so natural to dishonestly blame a man for badgering and how it isn’t right to paint somebody an unfortunate casualty and someone else a harasser just based on their sex.

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He additionally expressed that he had lost many employment oppurtunities beause his face has progressed toward becoming ‘well known’ as that of a harasser and he couldn’t go outside Delhi without educating the police.

Media promotion and results

Practically all media directs had hopped in immediately to paint Sarvjeet as a sick person and a lawbreaker. Web-based social networking clients had likewise broadly shared Jasleen’s post and other related posts, in a split second announcing Sarvjeet as a degenerate. As reality began winding up clear, it gradually ended up one of the situations where ‘preliminary by media’ completely disregarded reality and dishonestly marked somebody as liable. Times Now was even arranged to apologize and pay a fine by NBSA for their unending inclusion of the case wrongly protraying Sarvjeet as blameworthy under the watchful eye of the courts did.

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