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Greetings to all , we the team of theshayariadda welcomes you to our site where we provide you (Speedtest Master Pro Apk) premium apk or mod apk to download for free.

So this article is for providing all the users Speedtest Master mod apk or Speedtest Master premium apk or Speedtest Master Pro apk for free. Yess!!!! You heard it right Speedtest Master premium is available to download for free here.
All you need is to follow the instructions given in this article and enjoy all the functions of Speedtest Master Pro Apk for free.

What Is Speedtest Master Apk?

Speedtest Master is an application that helps users check the speed and stability of their established internet connection with accurate real-time data and stability statistics. Today, almost everyone can afford personal communication, but many people are still not satisfied with their status.

This way, users will look for applications to test with absolute accuracy and reliable records. Speedtest Master can confidently serve as an example for users, and it comes with an updated version with many additional features for a better user experience.

Each line has a different network speed depending on the cost, and the distributor and Speedtest Master will rely on this to give absolute network speed results. Moreover, users can change units of measure, performance, and analyze many other categories of Internet use.

Related metrics such as ping, download and upload, useful information related to the user’s network speed will be displayed, and will improve significantly if they have a stable connection. Speedtest Master can also be used to measure the speed of local wifi network or users. Its ability to measure network speed seems limitless and always gives the user accurate information.

What Is Speedtest Master Pro Apk?

SpeedTest Master Pro Apk is an application that helps you determine your internet speed.

Thanks to this application, you can easily determine the speed of your Internet connection. To check, you only need to click on one button, and after that, the application will immediately select the most suitable of thousands of servers and check the speed of your Internet, while you will see the delay to the server, download and upload speed, as well as a few interesting facts.

You can find out how long it will take to send one picture in high quality, download a video 10 minutes long in medium quality with your Internet, and much more.

Also, in addition to the basic functions, you can find out who is connected to your Wi-Fi, see the consumption of your traffic, and also set its limit to save traffic. Also, all the results will be saved for later comparison.

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NameSpeedtest Master Pro Apk
Size5 Mb
Version 1.37.0
Offered By Speedtest
Pro Features All Unlocked
Updated On 25 December 2021
Installation Guide Read here



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Features of SpeedTest Master

There are some features which we are mentioning below they are as follows:-


The Wi-Fi Speedtest Master detector is a useful feature that helps users find the nearest Wi-Fi and has attached information such as its speed and bandwidth. After connecting to any Wi-Fi, users can also check which devices are connected to IP addresses and other information. Speedtest Master is more than just your ordinary network speed meter. But it also ensures that users can always monitor their Wi-Fi network, whether the hotspot is turned on or something similar.


The Speedtest Master is programmed to provide the user with all the information regarding the stability of the transmission line, i.e. various information will also be indicated. The app will also contain many simple and straightforward examples for users to help them measure the line speed and its stability, such as the speed of downloading a Full HD photo or downloading a 10 minute SD video. All of these examples will help users determine the effective time it takes to download files.


If you regularly play online games on mobile devices, Speedtest Master will measure ping fluctuations as you play. There are many different factors that affect game ping. But as long as the user has a stable connection, the ping will reach the lowest possible level to ensure the user experience.


Speedtest Master provides users with many useful features to test all Wi-Fi networks and their connection speed. The app also has advanced features like WiFi frequency filtering and automatic transmission check on poor connection. The app ensures that users always have the best experience and absolutely accurate information for their internet connection.

The Speedtest Master will come with an updated premium version with attractive advanced features and an improved tachometer to help them learn more information about the transmission line. If you often have problems with your personal connection speed, this application will help you analyze and get absolutely accurate data.

Some Additional Features with Speedtest Master Pro Apk

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Ads Free
  • Great functionality.
  • Internet speed check.
  • Detailed information about the quality of your connection.
  • Traffic control.
  • Saving test results.

How To Download Speedtest Master Pro Apk ?

You must tried many websites on the internet but unable to download Speedtest Master Pro Apk  Mod ? Don’t worry we are here to help you with it. below we have shared a step by step guide with that you will get this amazing application in your device. you just need to follow all steps given below. to download this app in one try, do not miss any step.

Step 1 – Click on the download button we have shared below. you will redirected to a new page.

Step 2 – You will redirect to the download page where you will a 100% working download link. Click on that to start downloading.
While Speedtest Master Pro Apk Mod File is downloading, enable the settings of the Unknown source from your mobile settings.

Step 3 – Once your download finish, Check the download folder in the file manager and you will see the downloaded APK file. Tap on that file to install.

Step 4 – As soon as you click on the install button, your game will be on your phone.

Hurrah! Now your Speedtest Master MOD APK is ready to launch in your android phone.

Remember – You must enable unknown sources download install because can not install this app because this app is a mod version of original and android does not give permission to install any third-party apps to install.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Guys, We know there are lots of questions blowing in your mind related to this amazing game. So Below, We have answered all the commonly asked queries related to Speedtest Master Pro Apk.

If you think that We didn’t pick up your question, then you can comment down. We would love to solve your queries.

Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Speedtest Master Pro Apk Mod in any android device. As We always said, any modded application that We shared on Theshayariadda is first tested by our expert team and various types of premium antivirus. So, enjoy  without thinking about security and vulnerability.

Is Speed Masters Apk Mod free to use?

Yes, Speedtest master Pro Apk Mod is 100% free to use. If you are worried about future membership, then be tension free because all of the content of Speedtest Master is free and will not ask for any membership in the future.


So Lastly, Speedtest: SpeedTest Master Pro Apk: internet speed. A program for measuring Internet speed. With SpeedTest Master, you will effortlessly know the speed of the WAN connection you are providing. This will allow you to soberly evaluate the Internet services provided to you and make the right decision on the need to change the tariff or the Internet service provider (ISP) itself.

The program is easy to use and has a simple interface. 30 seconds is the time it takes for the program to show you comprehensive information on the WAN in use. SpeedTest Master is a master of his craft!

If you have any problem while downloading or using it then please let us know so that we can solve it as soon as possible.

Thank You!!!

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