” TikTok ” ( Engl. TikTok) – a social network that allows you to create short music videos, live shows and to exchange messages. In China, known as Douyin .
Launched in September 2016, it is currently the leading video platform for short videos in China [2] and is becoming increasingly popular in other countries, becoming one of the fastest growing and most downloaded applications [3] [4] . Currently, the application has reached more than 500 million users from 150 countries [5] . It is believed that the main audience of this social network are teenagers [6] . However, in China, where the application is most popular, 60% of users are in the age range of 25-44 years, and outside China, 43% of users are older than the age range of 16-24 [7] .The social network Douyin was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance in September 2016 [8] . Later, a copy of this application was released for the international market under the name TikTok [9] . This allowed the company to grow globally without violating the laws of its country [10] .
On November 9, 2017, ByteDance acquired the social network musical.ly and on August 2, 2018 merged it with TikTok [11] .How to get into recommendations in Tick Tok is a question that interests most users of this popular application. This social network was created by the Chinese corporation and today is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian-speaking population. Especially this program is passionate about teasers who publish many different videos every day. However, despite the high activity, getting into the top of the best is not so easy. Read more about how to do it.

The answer to the question: how to get into the recommendations in Tick Tok and how the recommendations work is simple – this is the so-called rating. Only the most interesting and high-quality video clips fall into the recommendations of Tick Tok. Thanks to this, many users of this social network are gaining the desired popularity and can safely use their accounts as a way to earn money. To stand out among millions of other followers and get into recommendations, you need:

post high-quality content in Tick Tok, shoot bright, original content and collect a large number of likes, then you are more likely to get recommendations
Create and customize a profile with unique features unique to you. In this case, it is worth choosing a simple and memorable profile name.
neat and stylish look when shooting for Tick Tok,
in the process of shooting, stay positive and confident, users love these bloggers.
one more trick how to get into the recommendations in Tik Tok: shoot without hands to get into the frame at full height.
use high-quality equipment for shooting, otherwise even the most interesting idea will be spoiled due to poor video quality.
mark people on your posts, later they will help you publicize your profile and get into recommendations in Tick Tok.
Try to plan new videos on certain days, so that users get used to the specified format.
shoot theme clips for a specific audience.
learn from popular users, know your competitors by sight.
to fly into the top, handle the clips in the video editor.
Use popular music tracks.

When creating a video, actively write trending hashtags, since the application processes your video clip in accordance with the specified tags. You can make videos related to popular tags as well as put descriptions in the title of your video.

The use of tags gives an excellent result for getting into recommendations in Tick Tok:

# like4like or # l4l, which means like for like
# comment4comment or # c4c – means comment for comment
#follow offers to follow you.
# followfor # follow – subscription for subscription.
Decide on your audience in Tick Tok and write tags for them, then your clips will become popular and recognizable. You now know how to get into recommendations in Tick Tok.

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