Many users are thinking about how to connect Tick Tok and Instagram. These are two of the most popular social networks where you can share your creativity. However, on Instagram, the ability to create short videos is limited, so the interaction and import of videos from Tick Tok comes to the rescue. Read rather how to do it.

Bind Tik Tok to Instagram

Below we will tell you how to add an Instagram profile to Tick Tok. Thus, ticktokers can easily follow you. You can also easily share your videos from this social network from Tick Tok. This function is provided in the application itself.

First create accounts on these social networks if you don’t have them yet.
Open TikTok and click on the “little man” icon in the lower right corner, enter your profile.
Click on the “Edit Profile” button.

Tap in Russian “Add” or in English “Add”.

You will be taken to the authorization page, where you will be prompted for the login details for this social network.
Enter username and password
Click Sign In.

You log in to your Instagram account through TikTok.
Next, the application will ask you if you want to stay in the system or not.
Specify “Save information” or “Not now”, depending on whether you want your information to be saved by the application or not.
Further life-cycle:

If you want to immediately upload a video from Tick Tok to Instagram, then click Share and select the desired social. network:

Download video from Tik Tok

Some problem that users experience when importing a movie is aspect ratio. If you need to trim and edit each file before you publish it, then the instructions will follow.

Here’s what you need to do:

First edit the movie in the application and save it on your device.
Then open the Kapwing Resize Video tool in your browser. This is an online tool, so there is no download or installation.
Upload your video and select the desired social network as the platform on which you want to publish it. The tool will resize your file to the recommended site size.

Click on the “Create” button to start the change. The process takes several seconds and runs in the cloud.
When everything is ready, download the result in MP4 format and publish it.

Using hashtags

To promote your profile in Tick Tok, you can use hashtags on Instagram, including installing them on other social networks. Below are some popular Tick Tok tags:

  • #tiktok
  • #tiktokvietnam
  • #tiktokkorea
  • #cute
  • #musically
  • #douyin
  • #video
  • #musicallyindia
  • #tiktokremaja
  • #handsome
  • #tiktokmalaysia
  • #like
  • #instadaily
  • #videooftheday
  • #msii
  • #followworldwide
  • #maskerhits
  • #romantic
  • #videography
  • #beyhadh
  • # like4like
  • #penghilangkomedo
  • #thapar
  • How to get into recommendations in Tick Tok is a question that interests most users of this popular application. This social network was created by the Chinese corporation and today is becoming increasingly popular among the Russian-speaking population. Especially this program is passionate about teasers who publish many different videos every day. However, despite the high activity, getting into the top of the best is not so easy. Read more about how to do it.How to verify your account in Tick Tok, make it private, create a second profile? In this review we will answer the most popular questions!

    Question: How to make a verified account in Tik Tok and confirm your identity?

    Answer: You probably saw the “Official” icon, which marks verified accounts of Tok Tok. After opening the profile, you can see an orange checkmark marked “Popular author”. Want to get one?

    Until 2018, everyone could pass verification, while this option is not available. The developers promise to return the confirmation function in the near future. In any case, you should accept the following recommendations:

    Post only quality content;
    Collect a large number of likes and fans.

    As soon as it becomes possible to verify your account in Tick Tok, you will receive a notification from the social network.

    Q: How to make a private account in Tick Tok, is it possible to close the profile from unauthorized users?

    A .: It was not possible to verify the account, but you can hide it! If you follow our instructions, you can make a private profile in TikTok.

    Log in to the app;
    Click on the button in the form of a man in the lower right corner;

    Click on the icon in the form of three dots in the upper right corner;

    Profile settings will open;

    You need the “Visibility” section;
    Find the “Private account” field and move the toggle switch to the “Enabled” position;
    Below is the button “Allow people to find me.” You can disable this option to remove the nickname from the search results.

    Done! Only approved subscribers will be able to view content and likes in a private profile! Limitations do not apply to existing subscribers.

    Q .: What does private video in Tick Tok mean, who sees similar videos? Is it possible to hide the recorded video?

    A: Private video is a video that only you can see, other users cannot view the record in the stream. How to make a similar video? Everything is very simple:

    Click on the button in the form of a plus sign located in the middle of the bottom panel;
    Record your desired movie and select filters, effects;
    Click the “Next” button;
    The “Publish” section will open;
    Find the line “Who can view this video”;

    Click “Publish” or “Drafts” depending on the method of publication.

    That’s all, your videos are reliably hidden from prying eyes! We figured out how to verify your account in Tick Tok or make it private. Move on?

    Q: How to create a second account in Tick Tok and switch between profiles in a few clicks?

    A .: You can independently figure out how to make a double in Tick Tok – the system allows the possibility of creating several profiles.

    First, register twice:

    Open the Tick Tok app;
    An information window will appear

    Or select a social network to enter;
    After registration, go to the profile – this is an icon in the form of a man in the lower panel on the right;

    Scroll the screen and find the “Exit” icon;
    Confirm the action by pressing the “Yes” button.

    You will be taken to the main page of the program – now we figure out how to change your account in Tick Tok:

    Click on the profile button (lower right corner);
    You will see a “Continue with this account?” Notification;
    A little lower is the button “Switch to another”;
    Click on it, enter your mail / phone and password. Done!
    Thus, you can switch between two accounts at any time – this is a quick way that takes a few seconds. Do not forget your usernames and passwords!
    All actions are on the video:

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